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Copy of Walk it Out Under the Full Moon

Full Moon Ritual, Releasing, Attracting and Intention Setting

Materials needed: (optional)

White Tea Lights

Ball of String / Yarn

Under the Full Moon, find a place outside with enough room to walk in a large circle.

Light tea lights and place around the circle (if you don't have them don't worry)

Slowly, walk 3 times counter clockwise (to the left) around the center of the circle

With each cycle, name one thing you are releasing with the full moon. Unravel the ball of string as you walk around the circle (or envision unraveling or unwinding).

as you release the ball of string, as the moon to clear everything away for your greatest and highest good.

Now walk 3 times clockwise (to the right) back toward the center of the circle.

With each cycle, name one thing you a calling in or claiming at this time. Rewind the string toward you, and envision pulling the thing you named toward you and binding it together.

Now stand in the center of the circle you made, and hold the ball of string or envision it, hold it tight to you and focus on it. How does it make you feel? Where do you feel it in your body?

Holding on to the emotion, throw the ball in the air toward the moon and ask that it be brought to you when the time is right.

With harm to none and the best for all, So it is.

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