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Corona Virus 2020

I have compiled some information from trusted sources, from guidance and research of my own and groups of intuitive and educated people. This information is meant to give you some guidance and things you can do to proactively deal with our current crisis and the spread of the Corona Virus, as always seek medical attention if you have any symptoms and follow the advice of a medical professional over everything else. I wanted to share my information with you all to help my family and friends, feel free to pass it along…….

Tips for trying to prevent or lessen the effects of the Corona Virus …..

What we know:

The virus is a respiratory virus, much like the flu. It starts in the throat and moves to the lungs. The virus obstructs the respiratory path with thick mucus blocking airways; to the point where patients require respirators and other means to breathe otherwise they suffocate. The treatment they have so far is trying to open these pathways in order to get medicine into the lungs, but at this time there are no medicines that will treat this virus directly. Currently we are told to treat the symptoms. Do not use Ibuprofen as this exacerbates the virus. Only take cough medicines at the recommendation of a Dr.


Starts with a sore throat, fever at 103 and above, dry cough, trouble breathing. Some cases also show gastric symptoms at early onset, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea .

Onset and contagious:

It takes approximately 15 days from the time you are exposed to start to show symptoms. You are actually contagious for approximately up to 30 days including the 14 days you are asymptomatic. There are cases where you show symptoms and they subside leading you to think it has passed when in reality it has not. It is not transmitted by animals, but person to person. The virus is transmitted through bodily secretions, breathing in airborne particles of saliva, touching surfaces and touching your face, or putting hands in mouth or nose. Unfortunately kissing, shaking hands and other acts of affection are also ways to transmit from person to person.


The best method of cleaning is using medical grade bleach wipes; these kill the virus within 30 seconds. Most households cannot get access to this so if you are using Lysol or Clorox cleaner, spraying on surfaces and allowing to dry is the best method as it takes these cleaners up to 10 min to kill the virus. If you are using hand wipes, allow to air dry and make sure they are saturated with liquid. Using hand sanitizer above 50% alcohol is effective but also allow to air dry. This includes all surfaces, it has been observed to be viable on metallic surfaces up to 9 days, so be aware when in public about touching door knobs, hand rails etc. Hand washing is a must. Wash hands at least every 20 minutes with foamy soap, if not able to wash apply hand sanitizer.

When coming in from outside, in areas where a possible contamination could happen, the virus attaches itself to hair and clothes. When coming in do not sit down or rest anywhere, go directly to the shower or bath. Any soap will kill the virus, take a thorough hot shower and wash with a foamy soap. For Laundry if you cannot clean your laundry right away, hang in the sunlight until you can wash, as the sunlight also neutralizes the virus.

Nutrition prevention to onset of virus:

a. Lots of citrus – raise the alkalinity of your body by drinking a lot of liquids with lemon, orange or lime. The virus will not take hold in a high alkaline environment. Try to avoid cold liquids and foods.

b. HOT liquids are key / or room temp. This includes coffee, tea, soups or hot water.

i. Green Tea with lemon and honey, things like ginger, cinnamon and turmeric also boost your immune system. Make sure to put the lemon and other ingredients in the tea while brewing. Heating the lemon will release the alkaline into the water.

c. Sip the hot liquids every 20 minutes – make sure to keep the mouth and throat wet. Viruses do not thrive in wet environments. While the virus enters the throat first and stays for 3-4 days until it passes into the lungs. The hot liquids will wash the virus into the stomach where the gastric juices will then eradicate it.

d. Gargle at least 2 times a day with warm water with antiseptic like vinegar, salt and lemon. Keep the throat clean.

Overall health:

DO NOT smoke, vape or anything that will compromise the lungs. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, increase not only your vitamin C and D but Zinc is also important. Anything that boosts your immune system, as mentioned above. Getting outside in the fresh air and sunlight not only helps with your overall health, but also helps with your mental health as well.

Mental health

During this time of isolation it is easy to become anxious and depressed. Make sure to get plenty of rest. Keeping to a daily schedule also keeps your mind straight. Trying to wake up and do things through your day, like time for study, exercise, meals, etc on some sort of time schedule will help you keep a sense of normalcy and focus. If you are feeling anxious and isolated you can keep a journal and write in it daily how you are feeling, what your thoughts are, what you are experiencing. Writing these things down not only clears your mind but you have something to reflect on as well. In this day and age of technology there is face time, video conferencing, video chat – try to stay connected to friends and family by scheduling group chat calls at least once or twice a week. Sending photographs and phone calls frequently help keep spirits high.

Remember all the things that are being put in place by your local, state and federal government are for your protection as well as others, they are not meant to hurt or harm you in any way. Listening to recommendations and guidance from health professionals is key, do not believe everything you see and hear on social media and unregulated news outlets. Do your research if you need to find out more.

As always sending much love and be well. We will get through this ...... L.A. <3

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