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Who Am I .... How did I know I was meant for greater things .....

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

All my life I knew I was different, people were drawn to me, but I never really fit in. I always gravitated to those who needed support, who were outcast or in need of a friend. I was always good being alone, but hated feeling lonely. I remember as a child never feeling alone, call them imaginary friends, call them spirit, I always had someone around watching over me. I always had feelings about people, I knew who was good and who was bad. I took my share of bullying and abuse and darkness, from a very young age. Fast forward to my late teens when going to the club, drinking and carrying on was the norm. Getting through my day on no sleep, work and playing to hard. I had many lucid dreams at the time, drawn to witchcraft, horror movies and the supernatural. Was intrigued by pyramids and outer space, aliens and of course the stars and the moon. I have always been that weird girl, with kaleidoscope eyes that see right through you, quiet and shy, but could draw you in like a magnet. My intense energy scared people, they did not know how to feel about it, so mostly they stayed away. I came home from a night of drinking one night, by the wings of angels I made it home alive. I woke up from a violent dream, which could have been a drunken seizure for all I know. Crawling to my door, I opened the door and there was a light. A beautiful white and blue light, so bright I wanted to shield my eyes, but it did not hurt to look into it. In the center of this light a figure appeared. It was the Virgin Mary. In her blue robe, just like the statue. She was holding a baby, with blonde curls and blue eyes. On my knees in the doorway, I bowed my head and began to cry. She reached for me and touched my face, to look up. She said to me that this was a turning point, it was time to walk toward the path. You are meant for greater things, you are always protected, you are one of his favorites, she said. With that I reached my hand out to touch the small child and he held my hand, I felt a burst of energy, a warm and loving energy flow through me, I laid there on the floor and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning, no hangover, no pain, but from that day on I walked a line not taking anything for granted. I had no idea what my future held, where I was going, what I was going to do. One thing I did know, I was meant for greater things. Like most gifted individuals their gifts are presented to them at birth and if they are not supported and developed they normally get packed away, to resurface again some time later in life. I had been born a very gift empath. I have had many guides and protectors with me throughout my life. This event, I believe was the initial start to my awakening. I have since learned that I signed up for the path of learning through suffering. I have had many karmic contracts with souls helping them to clear karma from past lives. It has only been over the last 5 years that I have truly been awakened again, to my gifts, my purpose, gathered my tribe and set out on my Twin Flame journey. I will be sharing my story through these blogs with the intention and hope that they give those drawn to read them hope and courage to keep moving forward in this lifetime, knowing that they too Are meant for Greater things ✌❤ - Lisa Ann

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