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Free Will Vs Divine Will and the Twin Flame

Navigating this Divine journey is hard enough, having to maintain balance in energy, heal deep emotional scars, combat codependency, learn very advance spiritual concepts and also have to face the fear of free will.

In the start of my journey I would get readings and the reader would always sprinkle in there the doubt of free will. "Well your counterpart has free will you know." and I would always think that was unfair, if I had to do the hard work and make the hard decisions why didn't he?

When you look at the concept of Free Will we generally think that it is choosing to live your life on your own terms, I did it my way, right? If you have free will then fate and destiny be damned because you can only have one way or the other, right? What if I said that was not quite right. What if I told you that you do have free will to make the choices you make and to live the life you choose but there is a thing called Divine will that ensures that Fate and Destiny remain in tact.

So what is the actual difference between Free Will and Divine Will. Free Will, is what we perceive as being able to live life on our own terms. I have the freedom to do what

I want when I want to. There is no such thing as destiny I am the master of my own fate. We start off the journey wanting it to happen Now and we want union NOW and if you've been here a hot minute you know it doesn't happen that way at all. This is the Ego talking, very immature and self absorbed energy to be in, this is the energy that creates low vibrational habits and actions that keep you away from a healthy vibration, and the longer you are on this journey you realize that your impatience and demands, the depth of your ego self you are in, indicates how and what you need to heal which will be a whole other post.

Divine will on the other hand, is the concept that things are predestined, and fated. The plan is already written. There is a higher power that pulls the strings in your life and you are just here living it. It has been defined as a powerful electrical force of pure spiritual energy that comes from the higher dimensions. Calling it to you creates an enormous infusion of spiritual energy into your life that awakens new consciousness and realizations. Sounds intense, right?

Deepak Chopra explained that if we think that decisions we make are either right or wrong, and worry about making a wrong choice we are assuming that the Universe only rewards us for the right answers and will then punish us for the other. We assume the Universe has a fixed agenda, which it does not. Divine Will says that once you make decisions and choices the Universe works around them creating a series of possibilities that shift with each thought, feeling, and action you experience. It has a lesson plan already made out for us, a class schedule, with recess, and lunch and everything we need to go through this school of life, that is constantly being updating with each step you make on this journey, with a set goal of Enlightenment and Union.

As a Twin Flame you go on a journey of discovering your soul. You and your counterpart will most likely follow a similar journey with similar events and lessons etc. Most people go through life not even aware of or tend to ignore the fact that our soul sings to us a song for our lifetime gently guiding our way through opportunity, events and choices. Since we are essentially the same soul living in two separate existences our songs are essentially the same. This is why a sign of a twin flame connection is that you share the same core values and wants and needs. Once we begin our awakening, through meeting our twin, we start to tune into our soul, our inner guidance system comes online, the Universe takes our hand and the magical path to our destiny lights up. It is our job not to lose sight of the magic, not to become hardened and jaded by the ego and drawn away. The Twin Flame journey is designed so that we peel away the layers of conditioning, and trauma, belief systems to get back to our authentic self and our soul.

During the early stages of separation when we are yearning and obsessing and hyper focused on getting our twin back, back to the way it was. We tend to get stuck in our mind a lot, and the Ego takes over. The Ego self controls our way of living through rigid means. We live by social constructs, opinions of others, programming by religion, government or toxic family cycles. Driven by desires and status we are removed from our path and separated then from our soul. These factors also create and prolong separation for twins because it creates lessons and healing they need to get through to get back to the path, the soul. This is why there are usually obstacles such as an age difference, religious difference or family belief system that the connection contains that is a challenge to each others environment. I mean, it wouldn't be a journey if we fit like a puzzle piece from day one would it?

Now, in contrast to our Ego Self we have an non-incarnated part of us that is called the Higher self that acts as a guide from the energetic realms, once we meet our twin, share energy there is a process that happens that is called a soul merge, where we connect with our twin on a higher plain than the physical and from that point the higher self works together to guide both the awakened twin and unawaken twin along the journey. The Higher Self is directly motivated by the soul and has a deep connection with source, because it is a divine connection that is divinely guided and protected source (the universe, /God) has a lot to say about it.

Generally we are raised to believe that what we can physically see and experience is the only thing that is real and exists (Ego). Those things that take belief and faith and trust in the unknown couldn't possibly matter (Soul). As we navigate life we believe that we can only follow either the Ego or the Soul and both cannot lead us, because they are opposite schools of thought and therefore can not exist together. The Ego operates under the guise of free will where as the soul operates under Divine will.

Most of us, as children were taught to follow someone else's rules and to not trust our own inner wisdom and guidance so we grow more in our Ego. As our twin flame journey elevates we go through what is called an Ego death. Which means that we stop giving into fear and get those things the Ego drives us to do under control, in order to put the soul first and let the Divine will take over. We start to realize the rules of engagement with our twin defy logic. We begin to understand that what we have perceived as right or wrong no longer resonates as the truth any longer. This shift out of ego happens through the act of surrender, letting go of control over the connection, letting go of expectation of an outcome, leaning into Unconditional love and out of desperation and wanting. Your higher self becomes stronger as we peel back those layers, much like the petals of a rose we start to reveal brand new views of our life and we start to follow our path once again. As the twins find their way back to the soul, they will find themselves looking at each other again. Connecting on a level where we listen to our ego less and the soul more, strengthening the energetic bond between each other. Through the act of surrender we can truly let go of the loud distraction of the ego and embrace the quiet peacefulness of the soul, realizing they have been there all along our connection with our twin also strengthens.

This is why every journey is different, and the timing is all dependent on Divine Timing. Divine Timing is what Divine Will works with, it shifts and changes with every step you make, every step and decision your twin makes, it is truly a very complex clock. As you make your way through the lessons, the healing, the karmic cleansing all the assignments the Divine has put out there for you, you will shift out of the Ego and into the soul. Continue to keep your eye on the prize. Remember that God will never give you more than you can handle and everything you go through is for your greatest and highest good. Keep the knowing in your heart that just as you make it through a level your counterpart has the same abilities and tools that you have and they will also make it through. It is the Faith that tethers you together, the trust that forms the hooks holding you to the mountain and the Belief that forms the mountain you are climbing. You got this ! Keep going.

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