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Here we are at the Crossroads .....

Today the energies were very difficult to read. I found connecting with Spirit was confusing, and the cards were not coming forward like normal for the collective. Through many downloads and subsequent messages, through emails, and guidance, I now understand why. The image attached are the cards that finally came forward for the collective today.

Investment, Crossroad, and Only Time will tell........

What I have been feeling lately is that we are heading for a major shift, not only in the Twin Flame collective but everyone on this earth. As you know our journey is not linear but a spiral, things that we have learned, or feel we have addressed and figured out come back again to see if we truly have learned the lesson, or they present themselves again so we may find the deeper meaning. This shift we are coming through is a time of profound healing, we are bringing things forward that we struggle with to truly master them, so we can move forward and be open to the blessings coming to us. Cosmically we have a number of events that are causing us to take pause and really examine our place in this world. I am going to try to break it all down for you here ....

Firstly to the message for the Collective. Many of you are at a point in your journey where you are at a crossroads. Do you continue to move forward? Do you invoke free will and walk away? Have you been gifted a soul mate to bring your love forward and bring you joy? This collective is at a this crossroads .... We need to step back and take a pause. Take a pause and be present. Ask yourself and just yourself ... What is it that will make me the most happy, what will bring me the most joy? Disconnect that answer from your person, from any person .... because people do not make you happy, you do. What could the universe do for you that would make you completely and absolutely happy right now? Now with that answer - are you willing to invest an infinite amount of your time, your life and your energy to make that happen? Are you willing to wait an indefinite amount of time for that to manifest for you? If the answer does not come to you right away take the time to really concentrate on that. It is time to be true to yourself. We all have been on this journey for quite a while. We all have gone through Dark Night of the Soul, cried, screamed, felt the pain of separation. Learned to heal from abandonment issues, broke the cycle of co-dependency. Can you truly stand in your power today and declare with complete honesty that you will be perfectly happy and full if that Union you are yearning for does not happen? What if Divine Timing takes 5, 10 or more years? What if you are not meant to come into Union this lifetime? Can you find complete happiness with a soulmate, or remaining single? These are the hard soul searching questions you need to make at this time. How much are you willing to invest in your Twin Flame connection at this point of your life? What are you willing to invest in your own happiness and joy? Now is the time to either commit to seeing this journey through or invoke your free will to move on the alternatives being presented to you. Source is allowing you to chose.

The Super Moon and the Planets are all conspiring to help you through this time, and guiding you along your journey. After all, this whole twin flame path is about you and your journey to yourself. On March 9th we will be experiencing a Super Full Moon. The Moon will be in Pisces which is opposite Virgo. Pisces is a water sign which rules emotions, spirituality and higher truths. Virgo is more logical, down to earth and all about the 3D. Your part of this journey is about being the bridge connecting Heaven (Pisces) and Earth (Virgo). The Super Moon is a time if heightened transformation aligning us to our deeper selves and taking action from that place. So this is a time to not only get the answers to those soul level questions but it is also a time to take action toward your wishes and dreams. Mercury has been in retrograde since the middle of February and it has been a very unsure time. We have been process deeply buried emotions, when it stations and goes direct on the 9th as well, it is going to allow us to begin to wrap our minds around these things and see the path forward more clearly. Be aware that during this time of upheaval there is a a lot of fear based energy spiraling around us as well. Causing us to feel lost, have dark thoughts. Make us feel like we need to give up and not move forward. This energy is designed to test your resilience and faith. The month of March is about gaining clarity, focusing on what is truly important and letting go of the rest. Spirit is going to step back and allow our Higher selves to drives us forward toward our greater good. This is why the cards were not coming through today, there was a greater message to be delivered. During this time of deep soul searching there are a few things you can do to to help you though these rough but cleansing energies.

- Set Boundaries and Discernment in a healthy and supportive way.

Hold a field of Love and overall energy within your heart that all is well. Tell yourself that regardless of how you are feeling, you are going to be ok. Know without any hesitation that the Universe only wants what is best for you, it is always looking to give you what you ask for and more. Be aware of the energy you are allowing in to your space, and the energy you are taking on. Be aware of your own energy. Let go of things that no longer serve you. Observe your thoughts, be aware if they are spiraling negatively. Now is a good time to detox. Detox your mind and body, keep things light, vibrations high and positivitey no matter what things appear to be. Keep in mind that all Challenges have underlying Blessings. Get clear on where you are focusing your thoughts and energy. Make sure you are focused on a higher vibration, remaining positive and looking forward toward your goals will help you through this shift and keep you open to receiving.

- Reconnect to you!

Step up your self love and and self care. Improve your diet and listen to your inner guidance. Listening to what your heart and soul is telling you and where you are being drawn will help keep your energy and vibration high. Take some time to do what you enjoy and take action toward what brings you joy and happiness.

- Get done what has been left undone.

Act on things you've been putting off, projects that have been left undone. Closing these loops makes way for more powerful creation. Some times leaving things unfinished drains your energy. If you have too many things you are putting off that need to be done, it will pull at your energy and drain you. Finishing these projects and tasks will help maintain your flow.

- Lastly, Become more connected with Source and your soul purpose. This is where the passion lies. Don't buy into fears, allow yourself to fully feel the emotions being brought up. Don't run or hide from them FEEL them. Let go of the outcome. Be true to yourself, open your heart and come from a place of love. Ride the wave of love, flow with the energies don't fight them. If the path leads you toward something you are not sure of, and you keep trying to go back to what is comfortable you will find that is where you feel the most pain and stress. Recommit to your truth, be authentic and true. Tune into peace and presence .... let go of expectation and just Be.

I hope this resonates with you all. I am so hopeful for this collective and can't wait to see you all overflowing with abundance and happiness. I see so many blessings coming. Like a parade of flowers and celebration. So much love and joy on the other side. Lose the worry and the negativity. Right now no matter the path you choose to go down, you will be blessed beyond your imagination. You deserve to have the Fairy Tale ... continue to fight for it with all your hopes and dreams. Much Love ... L❤A❤

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