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Twin Flame Collective Reading 3/26/2020

This is the full reading for today for the collective. What is happening right now with the connection?

Overall Theme:

Card: Angel of Love: Tender Connections

There is a longing in the collective at this time for a deeper more intimate connection, I believe this is from both counterparts. This Angel is here to let us know that greater tenderness is coming. Remember your first and greatest intention is toward yourself. This intention of love must be directed inward. The Love you give yourself is what you will be given. We teach the Universe what we desire in Love, by showing them how we love ourselves. If you know your worth and are confident and uninhibited in how you love yourself you will be gifted a love that is strong, uninhibited and worthy. The Divine is assisting both counterparts to learn to love themselves more completely. They are teaching them tenderness toward themselves and therefore toward each other.

Guiding Energy:

Card: Archangel Uriel / Crown Chakra

This card speaks to our direct connection we have with the Divine. Archangel Uriel is here to guide you in learning how to tap into that connection to be able to ask for help along this journey. Uriel is said to be the Light of God. She is here to guide you through the confusion and fear that we may have at this time. Reminding us that we are protected and loved and our journey is supported by the Divine. The connection we have through our Crown Chakra allows us to receive direct downloads and guidance, we are also able to communicate back our intentions, requests for guidance and assistance as well.

What is holding us back:

Card: 9 of Swords

Our collective is in a state of constant worry and fear. Whether it is current world events and the unknown of what this will mean to our lives and to our connection. Many of us are in separation and on the brink of physical sacred union, what does the threat of a virus, social distancing, seclusion going to mean to us. It is this state of worry and fear that has us locked up, and is holding us back from moving forward. Dark thoughts, like feeling like we are not good enough, doubting our connection, negative thoughts in general have us too much in our head.

What we need to work on:

Card: King of Cups

This card represents being emotionally balanced and in control of ourselves, being level headed. This card let's us know that if we want to break free of this stressed out energy of the 9 of swords we need to get control of our emotions. Stay true to yourself, do not allow others to steer you off course especially in times of uncertainty and trouble. If you can remain emotionally balanced and in control of your emotions and not allowing others to get the best of you, you will be more confident and strong enough to break free.

What we need to move towards:

Card: Ace of Cups

Aces in Tarot are invitations, the Ace of Cups is an invitation to Love. Love yourself and open yourself up to love. There is a renewal of Divine Love being offered here. The Divine is stepping up and asking you to fill your cup of self love until it overflows. You cannot offer anyone an empty cup, therefore you must fill it in order to be able to offer it to someone else. You are being asked to open your heart, open your heart to the offer of a new love, a renewed love. Ask yourself if you are ready to offer your cup? Are you open to accepting your counterparts cup?

Supporting Energies:

Card: The Lovers

This card confirms the authenticity of this connection. IF you were questioning this connection, wondering if it was only skin deep, or some crush or burst of lust, this is your confirmation that this is so much more. The Lovers card represents a meaningful, conscious connection. This signals the manifesting of the connection in the 3D is coming. This is a very deep soul connection, with lots of passion and unconditional love. There is an alignment taking place, you are aligning with your truth and values, and with each other at this time, whether you see it yet or not.

Card: Knight of Swords

The energy of the knight of swords is about being on a mission, being determined and highly motivated. Both counterparts are wanting to bring this connection into reality. The Divine is trying to help you align. When this card appears it warns us to not rush in, if you rush in too fast you will be pulled back to try again. This is the card of that in and out energy we experience through our journey. The connection comes together only to be guided back apart. When this happens the timing is not quite right so the divine sets you up again for another try. This is not the time to rush in but continue being determined and motivated.

Card: The Moon

This is a card of illusion. Things are being withheld at this time, you may not see the entire picture. The moon asks you to take a pause and listen to your intuition and guidance over what you see in front of you. Nothing is as it seems, not everything is known to you at this time, and for a reason. Let go of the negativity and conscious mental blocks, and listen to your heart, trust your feelings things will be made clear when it is time.


We are being assisted by the Divine at this time. Now is the time to fill your own cup of Love and align with your own truth and values. The work you do on aligning yourself will help your counterpart align as well. You are teaching the Universe what you want in Love, make sure you know what that is. There is still work being done behind the scenes, lessons being closed up, and tested. Although the 3D world has us spending time alone and apart this is all part of the journey. This is teaching us to listen to your intuition, to trust our feelings about this journey. We are loved and protected at all times and are never alone. When you conquer your fears and negative thinking you set yourself free. Trust the journey you and your counterpart are learning to be whole on your own before you can come together as one. Like the teeth of a zipper everything must align just right for it to zip together smoothly. This connection is coming into alignment and soon those new beginnings will be here. This is your final preparation will you be ready? Will you have all your lessons learned and your heart completely open to Love and be Loved? Get ready you will need to answer these questions very soon.

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