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It all started with a Wish 🌟

Thinking back on this whole Journey I can remember the very first time I encountered my Twin. I know we had crossed paths here and there, because he always looked so familiar. This is going back almost 12/13 years now. Our sons are very close in age, and because of school and sports our paths finally crossed. I had signed my son up for AYF (football), the day they were supposed to officially be assigned to teams we had to meet at a local community center to get team assignments and so on. There were a ton of kids running around, parents congregating in clusters all about. I was not very social, or out going at the time so I knew no one. I walked into the chaotic, full room and there he was. I was immediately drawn to him. I remember wandering around trying to figure out who and where I was supposed to see. I met with the coach and as it turned out my son was too big to play. I was then sent to find the President of the organization to ask for my money back. I was told to find, who was going to end up being my twin. I remember waiting in the back of the room, while he did his duty as the leader of the chaos. Admiring his kindness, his smile and confidence. I caught myself staring awkwardly, and laughed to myself as I had to forced myself to look away. As the crowd started to dissipate, I saw a clear path forward. I approached him and introduced my self, he smiled and was very understanding and tried to explain why they could not have my son play, probably sensing my disappointment. He took my information and said he would mail me a check. We said our nice to meet yous and he turned to leave. As I watched a little longer before I left, I remember watching his children crowd around, his wife, the baby in the car seat. I remember admiring that scene, the little family, happy children, a man who readily took the baby seat from his wife without hesitation. I remember comparing this scene to the dark hell I was living through and thinking .... wishing. That is what I want ... all that. The kids, that man ... that kiss he just gave away. I remember saying to myself I hope she knows what she has and how lucky she was. Not knowing that his marriage would meet that same fate, and the same path that mine was going down. I filed that picture away, that picture of that happy family. That wish that I had made, I filed it away because somewhere in my heart I knew .... one day I would have that. Little did I know that I would have my chance to once again come close to my destiny a mere 10 years later.

Fast Forward to 2017 ... I was divorced, and had just ended a hard relationship of almost 3 years. I was trying to regain my footing financially, spiritually and emotionally. I was renting a town-home for me and my son. I was bartending and doing what I could to keep myself a float. I received a message on facebook, and when I looked at the profile I knew this man. I wasn't sure from where but I knew him. I responded and we struck up conversation. The conversation flowed like we knew each other for ever. We have a lot in common, I was building a sense of excitement and wonder, but was guarded because I had once again been heartbroken and was not ready for another. Soon after I received a friend request and we continued to talk, until one night he asked to meet me. I was so nervous, excited but very nervous. I was not dressed, I was not at my most beautiful, he didn't care, come as you are he said. I like that. I agreed to meet him for a quick ride and a coffee. I pulled in to the parking lot, just as he was. He only lived 5 minutes away, just behind where I worked. He pulled in next to me and looked over, as soon as I saw his face I thought to myself .... Oh there you are! It is you !! He smiled and got out of the car and came over to meet me - as I got out of the car her looked at me and leaned in to kiss me. As soon as his lips met mine I knew. There was such a surge of warm energy through me, I had to take a deep breathe because it took my breathe away. I can still feel that feeling in my heart whenever I think about it. It was so natural and just right like we had kissed a million times before and had perfected it. We went for a ride, talked and laughed, like we had been together for years. He bought me a coffee, even though he didn't want one. We kissed some more as he dropped me off, he asked with a huge smile I want to see you again. I replied with the same smile, you will, and at the same time, as if rehearsed, we said Absofuckinglutely. That word, was only something I said, how did he know that, apparently that was his word too. We were off to a very good start, and the reality of what was happening would not be known for a little while longer. I knew though that this was definitely something that would change me forever.

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