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The Princess who never Smiled

This was a reading a very amazing soul posted that resonated so closely to my journey that I needed to post it here. The reading was done by Anna Traynor 3/6/2020


Life is jest, And all things show it; I thought so once, But now I know it.

I'm taking a moment and looking at this image. The skull is cracked, there's a centipede all the way from the bottom of the mouth up through the nose and coming out the eye. The whole body of the centipede is behind the skull, besides the head and the tentacles.It's like hibernation mode or hermit mode - where you're just constantly in your head until you see things clearly and you're able to go like "oh that's what it is." Finding justice in the situations finding the fun in situations, finding the joy in life, and not constantly staying crawling around in the darkness.Which is so fitting with the princess who never smiled card, as that shows this healing."What a life she had. What freedom. What luxury! She had much of everything, everything that her heart could desire. But she never, ever smiled. She never laughed. It was as if her heart had never taken any joy in anything at all."A beautiful princess would seem to have the entire world at her feet. She has good health, riches, beauty and intelligence. But she is so explicitly sensitive to the pain of the world, and thus she has never smiled. She is serious and cannot smile while so many are in pain. As it usually goes, her loving father was moved and haunted by her inability to feel joy, and so he promised that whoever could make his daughter laugh would have great rewards, would even be given her hand in marriage. So many men flocked to the castle to make the little to tsarina laugh, but none succeeded, for she saw through their antics and knew that in their hearts, they were valuing her for what she could give them, and thinking nothing of how they could help her, and thus others. Outside the castle's walls a young blacksmith was apprenticed, and slaving over the bellows, wiping sweat from his brow, and learning his trade. He was honest, and good, and thickly muscled, and knew in time, if he can master the fire and the water and smelting of metal, his life would be worth while, for he would have learned to change one thing into another. Pleased with his work, his master placed a sack of coins at his feet, and told him to take as much as he was worth, and being a modest fellow, and knowing how much he had to learn, and worth of what he was learning, he took only one coin. He worked for another year, improving and mastering the sword and the cup, armor and finer things. He earned another coin. And then he decided to explore the world. As he walked away, a tiny mouse asked him for help, as he was so poor, and he gave him his coin. A little beetle then stopped him, and he gave the beetle his second to last coin. Then the coin his master had given him, as good fortune for his adventures was finally given to a wee catfish who begged for help at a well. He came to the castle, and gazed up and saw the princess, watching him, curiosity alighting her serious and beautiful face. So shocked was this young man that he slipped and fell, tumbling into the moat, with its muddy banks. And rushing to his aid came a tiny mouse, a little beetle and a funny cat fish, and seeing him, and the truth of his heart and the goodness he must have to treat the little ones so, the corners of her lovely mouth twitched. And then she smiled, and then she gurgled… and then shook, and the laughter, the joy of seeing the seeming folly of a good heart, came tumbling out. Her eyes twinkled, she begged her father to bring forth this man, so she might learn more of her future husband, for her serious heart recognized his kindness, and then the blacksmith, who could create alchemy, now made the greatest change. He had created true happiness within the heart of one who was sad.You will know that a time of deep earnestness and gravity is leaving, and soon there will be joy, and laughter and breakthroughs. Optimism returns, and a sense of belief once again that there is worth in taking the time to be light hearted. For a long time, life has felt flat and sad and endlessly serious, but suddenly, the spring of mirth that is healing is bubbling again to the surface and a sign of recovery is revealing itself. And when this Is awakened, it is accidental, without artifice, an entirely unexpected. Just know that soon any sadness will lift, and life, unexpectedly, changes forever, and for the better. Isn't it just fitting that the princess who never smiled card gets paired with the 6 of spades? As that card is representing finding the joy in life and not being within the darkness. Of your own mind. Simply beautiful

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