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Surrender - Let the Universe Take the Wheel

The term surrender is defined as; to give up completely or agree to forgo especially in favor of another. On your Twin Flame journey the act of Surrendering is a key component of the journey. Surrendering is a gift that you can give yourself. It's an act of faith, even though you cannot see where this river is flowing, you trust it will take you in the right direction. When we can get to a place where surrendering brings us peace and not pain, that is when we know we have done the work and have become whole. I know you are probably saying to yourself that this is not possible, how can letting go of my twin bring me peace? When it is time, it will.

When we talk about letting go, or surrendering we do not mean to give up and try to walk away. To forget about the journey altogether. What we mean is that you need to come to a place of Unconditional Love and be able to allow you and your twin the space and time needed to heal and work on yourselves. You need to release your need to control when and how something happens and give your power over to a higher power to receive guidance and releasing the emotions and fear surrounding it. Trusting your intuition, your heart and the Universe enough to not control but to allow.

Our Ego equates surrendering with fear of loss. When we think about letting go of our twin, not trying to contact them, not checking up on them on social media, not obsessing about what they are doing or not doing the first emotion to rise is fear. It is like having a hold of a rope connecting the two of you and if you let go they will disappear forever and that simply is not the case. This is a tactic of the Ego Self to make sure it remains in control. The lesson of surrender accomplishes a cleansing of the soul, and a taming of the Ego which is needed prior to coming into Union. Your heart draws its strength from the Love that permeates your soul, and it will prevail when that love is stronger than your fear of your ego.

This is truly the Ultimate Twin Flame test. The lessons being:

  1. Releasing fears surrounding abandonment and control

  2. Learning to trust, trust in the truth of source to bring you back to oneness, trust in your guidance from your higher self, trust in your own intuition and heart.

  3. Clear co-dependency issues. The longing and the need to have them in an unhealthy way is damaging to the connection. You need to be able to fully aligned with yourself first.

  4. Allow for Divine timing and allowing things to flow naturally, not forcing something that isn't ready

  5. Reclaiming your power. Taking ownership of your Ego and become whole again.

  6. Coming from a place of Unconditional Love not only for your twin but for yourself and the Universe, and the Divine Creator.

The keys to Surrendering are Faith, Patience, Awareness and Centeredness.. Have Faith in the journey, yourself and the universe that everything will come to you as it should be when it is time. Have Patience, a whole lot of patience. If you get impatient and try to force something to happen before it is time, you will cause your twin to pull away or you can come together before the two of you are both whole and you will have problems in the relationship. Awareness of oneself, understanding the emotions and attachments that you feel, identifying them and thinking how they operate in your life. Centeredness brings you inner peace, a feeling of security and being safe while you navigate this phase of your journey. While you begin to Surrender you have to come to a place of unconditional love for your twin. You Love them so much that you give and hold space, in Love, with no expectation of a specific outcome. This means releasing the need to have answers and just know. You are able to tap into the energy of your heart space and feel them there, as they always were and always will be, no matter what happens in this life and lives to come. This begins with you, when it is time to surrender you will begin to take the focus off them and project it inward. You will be in a state of self alignment and peace. You will know that the answers are within you and always have been. This journey is not about Union. Union is not the goal or the finish line. The Goal is knowledge of self, love of self, balance of self .... becoming Whole Again.

When we signed up for this journey with the Divine Creator, we were a uni-being. We lived life as one being, learned lessons to be self sufficient, self loving, and so on. We as a group of Souls decided to embark on a totally different journey, learning to live as two, twin souls separate but as one. We are not two halves of one soul, but two souls made up of the same energy, the same star if you will, a mirror of one another that share the same soul song. Each lifetime we incarnate we trigger each other to learn the hard lessons, push each other to grow and heal, we make mistakes of course, which is why we continue to incarnate over life times together to do this dance. We trigger each others healing and work on ourselves individually, gradually aligning with our contract purpose, our journey, our heart song, our higher self. Balancing, not only each other, but within ourselves. We carry this ancient wisdom we learn over lifetimes, and as we become whole and learn to trust our inner guidance and our higher-self this ancient wisdom comes out for us to tap into. We are able to have the confidence to simply release our need to control the when and how and if and hand it over to the Universe to take care of it. Trusting your guidance, trusting the Divine.

When it is time - it will feel completely natural to surrender. You will feel pulled to live your authentic self. If your twin is still operating from their ego self, it will feel exhausting to you, because you are not truly aligned and you are pulling them along as you ascend. They are like the other person in the boat that is not rowing. Your soul will naturally want to pull away and in your heart you will know they aren't ready. You will also be able to trust that they will join you when you are both aligned and ready. When we try to do their work for them, heal for them or sit and wait it does more damage than it does good. When we sit and wait for our twin, praying for them to change, waiting on a miracle, attempting to energetically fast track them through the process we actually end up delaying our Union, it will cause your twin to repeat missed lessons, could cause them more stress and pain. Sitting and waiting for your twin shows them that you are always there no mater what so they aren't motivated to do their own work. Sitting and waiting at their feet is stopping them from healing and giving them an easy way out from working on themselves and taming their own ego. Remember you are two magnets and as you pull away and leave them to their own accord to catch up they will be drawn to do whatever it takes to get close again. IF you love something, set it free. Creating healthy boundaries will make it so they cannot sit idly in their illusions and ego. They have to overcome them in order to get to you, which is where they are always drawn.

Surrendering at this point and walking away is necessary to make sure you are clear of any codependency. If you are not ready you will feel fearful, pain, anxious, you will have to address these ego centered emotions and heal before moving forward. When you are able to surrender and not feel these emotions and you are at peace with it knowing that you have trust and faith and everything is as it should be, you will be able to step forward. If your twin is not fully healed the Universe will then force your twin to face the pain that arises when you distance yourself from them and they will have to heal their own co-dependency. You will develop your relationship with the Divine when you release the need for knowing. Knowing the when, why, who,how. When we get stuck in this mindset the 'need to know", there is where we feel disappointment, frustration, loss and anxiety and doubt. If these emotions are coming up for you in connection to your Twin Flame then you are not trusting your Union, therefore delaying it because you are not ready. This shows that you still need to give yourself love and come back to oneness where you need to be. Always remember too, your twin feels the same as you do, so as you heal these and conquer the ego they will also be guided to do the same, because you level up without them and they feel that pull to keep up with you.

These are some of the emotions that could arise for you and what they mean for healing:

  1. Over Analyzing = not trusting higher guidance

  2. Worry = not trusting your purpose

  3. Pain = holding on too tight

  4. Fear = listening to ego over intuition

  5. Lost = not trusting the path forward, the journey

  6. Disappointment = holding on to expectations

As we discover things about ourselves and accept the truth in our heart and we surrender to the Divine and let it guide us and align ourselves with the plan already written for us we will be led to our Twin Flame and to our Union. The Twin Flame journey is the Ultimate Healing journey. You chose this task and committed to your mission a long time ago to assist in the ascension process. Everything that has happened in your life has been a stepping stone to elevate you to greater consciousness, to raise your frequency and come back to Love. You have your own journey and your twin has theirs. Individually you grow and learn and heal. You become love in all it's forms. It is there where the Miracle lies, because as you do this so does your twin and your eternal love can be renewed once you both can reach this full alignment of self. Once you truly Surrender, you will feel liberated. You will no longer worry if you did something wrong, or if there is more to do, or look for what you can do more of. This journey will not have taken over your life. You will be able to live your life to its fullest, knowing that if it is meant to be, it will be. You will become centered and peaceful and are able to hand things over to your Divine Guidance, and timing and the Outcome is given over to the Universe in Faith that what you desire most in this life is to be able to love yourself unconditionally and reunite with your eternal Love. Yes, this journey is not for the faint of heart. It is a hard, heartbreaking, scary, exhausting journey, but at the same time magical and unexpected and inspiring, and yes ... at the end of it all there is a Fairy Tale. A Love of all Loves, one that extends across lifetimes, that nothing can keep apart.

Good Luck to you all .... Much Love

LA <3

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